Showcasing Luton's Community Strengths.

Clean Up

Winsdon Hills Mega Event

Saturday 25th September, starting at 10 am. DATE CHANGE! Meet at Felmersham Court LU1 5SW. Come and join the mega clean-up event, to showcase what the Luton Community can achieve when it comes together! Looking to bring together groups from schools, religious organisations and community groups from across our town to blitz an area, that…
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Dunraven Residents Epic Cleanup

The 3rd monthly clean-up of the Dunraven Residents group took on their greatest challenge yet! Tucked up at the top of the close is a car parking area that has been blighted by Fly Tipping for years, we are not talking just one fly-tip, in this pile that was 6ft tall, 12 ft wide and…
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Biscot Road New Group

Pleased to announce a new group will start on Saturday 6th November from 1.30 pm, with a kick-off event in conjunction with RaisingUp Foundation. The group will look at keeping Biscot Rd and some of the surrounding area clean.

Two new groups to announce.

A new group in Dunraven Avenue has been formed by Katie, they have their 1st Litter pick on Saturday 28th August starting 10.30am. They hope to make it a monthly event. Will be going along to help them out with some equipment and lend a hand. A group in Devon Road, Buchanan drive and Crawley…
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Brantwood Park Litter Pick.

A phone call from Faisal from Suffa Tul Islam to Phyl can be summarised as We would like to do another litter pick, will you help us? Sure, when? Saturday, 14th? Ok where? Dallow Road, Meet at Brantwood Park? Sounds good, what time? 2.30pm See you there. The event was set up, now to promote…
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New Group in Northwell

A new group has been formed in Denmark Close in North Luton. After consulting the residents a number have agreed to get together regularly to tackle the Litter, Fly-Tipping, Weeds and Overhanging bushes in their area. The next event is Thursday 5th August, Starting at 6 pm. Watch the events calendar for all future dates…
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