Showcasing Luton's Community Strengths.

Do I need to register to attend an event?
No, just turn up to any open event that is on the events calendar? An event may be marked as closed for safeguarding or religious reasons, unfortunately, these are then invite-only and we wouldn’t be able to accommodate people just turning up.

What is your policy around children?
Accompanied children are more than welcome, we have a range of gloves in child sizes, and equipment that can safely be used. However, we can accept no safeguarding responsibility, and for that reason are unable to accommodate children (Under 18’s) that are not accompanied.

How long do events last?.
We have found that around an hour is the optimum time, but each group is coordinated by a local champion and it’s ultimately up to them and the individuals in the group to decide how long an event is set for. You are under no obligation to stay the entire advertised length, you can arrive and leave within the window as suits you.

Do I need to bring anything?
We are fortunate to have a wide range of equipment including gloves (that are washed between each use), and provide all bags. All we advise is that you wear suitable clothing and footwear for the event, that may be dirty and muddy.

Do you just litter pick?
Not at all, one of our lines is weeds and waste, as we have found the removal of weeds in gutters and along walls etc, can really help transform an area. The exact activities are again set by the people in groups working through the local champions and can range from litter picking, weeding, cutting back overgrown bushes, and even getting into the river.

Are you part of the council?
No, we are fortunate enough to enjoy great relationships with many departments of the council, and often have members of the council join in events. We are not part of it. This is a movement to empower people to take action in what they are passionate about like wanting to live in a town free of weeds and waste?

Are you insured against injury?
No, as this is a movement of people coming together and not an organisation, then everybody who attends does so at their own risk.