Dunraven Residents Epic Cleanup

Showcasing Luton's Community Strengths.

The 3rd monthly clean-up of the Dunraven Residents group took on their greatest challenge yet!

Tucked up at the top of the close is a car parking area that has been blighted by Fly Tipping for years, we are not talking just one fly-tip, in this pile that was 6ft tall, 12 ft wide and 4 ft deep, was an accumulation of multiple fly-tips.

To complicate matters the pile was a mix of green waste and general waste (Carpet, Soil, Litter, Hardcore, Glass etc) that needed to be separated.

A quick review of the area showed the only area within the close where the piles could be arranged in a location the council teams could collect were at the other end of the close, so everything would need to moved over 750 Meters away!

Wow, what a pile to tackle!

The hard work began, by stripping off the Green waste top layer, laying it on a tarpaulin, to manhandle down the close.

Stripping Green Waste
Cutting it down ready to move.

The number of residents that came out to tackle this task was just immense, over 50 all from the close took part during the course of the event (initially scheduled for an hour, it took over 4 on the day).

The pile of rubbish was bagged up, and the bags taken down the road anyway we could, including utilising two trolleys that were found as part of the pile!

Using found trollies to move bags!

The hard work continued, with children helping out, adults using spades to chip away at this massive pile.

Pile reducing

This was serious work!

Where they couldn’t work on the pile, they helped out cleaning up other areas, but everyone was keen to get involved.

All ages got involved.

Finally, the whole pile was removed, and the space could be used again for vehicles as intended!

The space is now being used as intended.

In total over 200 Bags of Rubbish and 3 large vans of Green Waste were moved, ready for the Luton Council Teams to collect. The Bags were all taken on Monday Morning (Huge Thanks for their vital assistance to the community groups)

200 Bags of Rubbish

A huge sense of satisfaction and community continues to grow together.

Green Waste

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  1. Raja says:

    Absolutely brilliant effort from all involved, now the task ahead is to get the council to put up cctv cameras so any future fly-tipping is recorded and they are prosecuted, well done to the residents of dunrave that took part in the clean up.

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