Stopsley Common Clean up

Showcasing Luton's Community Strengths.

Clean Up

Saturday 31st July. 2 pm till 3 pm

To celebrate #Love Park高仿 s Week, and to respond to a number of comments on Facebook and NextDoor regards the litter left after the Cricket.

It wasn’t so much damp, more sodden. With heavy rain the preceding days the chances of anyone playing cricket were very hopeful at best. This didn’t deter us, having arrived in the car park waiting for the event to start, we decided to put the time to good effect by collecting a bag of litter.

The event kicked off , with a huge thanks to James Hart who joined us (looks like he may become a regular face!) ,as we walked into the common, there was litter strewn in the bushes to be handled.

Onto the common itself, the areas around the cricket pitches were fairly tidy, with only small stuff to be collected, but the sight of us walking around with litter pickers, did pique the interest of a some dog walkers which enabled us to have a great conversation and hopefully gain some new recruits for future events in the village.

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We picked up the litter left around the pavillions, before heading back to the car park, on route we collected a discarded spare wheel, and the most unusual find of the day .. An ice hockey puck!

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