Winsdon Hills Mega Event

Showcasing Luton's Community Strengths.

Clean Up

Saturday 25th September, starting at 10 am. DATE CHANGE! Meet at Felmersham Court LU1 5SW.

Come and join the mega clean-up event, to showcase what the Luton Community can achieve when it comes together!

Looking to bring together groups from schools, religious organisations and community groups from across our town to blitz an area, that has suffered from many forms of anti-social behaviour. To send out a clear message we are proud of our town and will work as one to make to keep it tidy. Green Spaces are vital to all our healths (Mental and Physical), and should be maintained in 威而鋼 a nice state.

It has been confirmed representatives from both Be持久液 dfordshire Police and Luton Council will be in attendance at the event.

Limited Parking is available at Felmersham Court, with additional parking at Farley Community Centre. We ask anyone attending to park responsibly and consider residents of the surrounding streets.

Spare equipment will be made available on the day, but if you have any then please bring it along. Bags will be provided.


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